Custom Patches are best way to express your personality or branding your business. These patches are known for letting you use your own unique style to liven up clothing, hats, jackets, hoodies, accessories and much more. They are easy to iron on or sew on as well.


Any of the custom design can be made into regular embroidered patches considering the complexity of art with respect to size. The size ranges from 1.5 inches to 14 inches. Whereas the shape can be picked by your choice or picked autonomously considering the nature of art.

Special Features

Merrow Border

A Merrow border is a heavier border which is sewed up and over the exterior edges of your patch. Merrow borders are most generally located on shapes, for example circles, ovals and squares. Merrow borders are implemented after the design is stitched onto your patches.


Using metallic thread on embroidered patches is the best way to ensure that your design’s colors really shine. Artwork on these patches looks unique, vibrant and really catches the eye.

3D Puff

These 3 dimensional patches are ideal for showcasing lettering and logos on hats and other sporting merchandise in a way that stands out- literally!

Glow In The Dark

Funky and edgy, our glow in the dark patches will make your design look cool in light and even cooler without